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CABO Groups

The CABO Information Products have been expanded with the introduction of the Groups module. Groups includes a wide variety of information on worldwide extremist organizations who are related in some manner to the use or potential use of chemical or biological agents.

The Group records include approximately 40 data fields which fall within the following broad information categories:

  • Identifying Information
  • Group Characteristics
  • CB Related Incident History
  • Incident Profile (Actions, Targets, Venues, Agents, Munitions, etc.)
  • Members, Sponsors and Links to other groups

Groups, as with all modules except HAZMAT, is cross linked to related data in other CABO modules. Check out the Groups module in the July update!


Those of you who use CABO and subscribe to the annual update service already know that the April update featured the introduction of a NEW information module. Based on customer input (we listen very carefully) we designed and built a nifty tool for accessing all the data in the North American Emergency Response Guidebook (the orange HAZMAT book from DOT). The Emergency Response Guidebook is the most widely distributed source of authoritative information on what to do when an incident involves hazardous materials. We believe that this new module will be a significant asset for all organizations involved in domestic preparedness.

New Products

CABO Database System for Emergency Services (CABO-ES)

Recent incidents (Anthrax threats, Butyric Acid in Florida, etc.) clearly indicate the need for emergency services providers to be prepared to cope with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Having instantly accessible, accurate information under your control is a key component of this preparedness. This capability has been expensive, classified and available only to the military and select federal agencies - until today.

Public Safety Group (PSG), the leading provider of integrated WMD databases since 1988, announces the availability of the CABO Database System for Emergency Services(CABO-ES). CABO-ES is a fully integrated, relational database specifically tailored for the needs of domestic law enforcement. CABO-ES marries the proven CABO software and operating environment with the information that will be required if you are confronted with an incident involving chemical or biological agents. CABO-ES incorporates the following information and features:


AGENTS: Extensive data on 700 chemical and biological agents, precursors and simulants.
HAZMAT: Data and response guides on thousands of toxic industrial compounds from the NAERG.
WEAPONS: Data and drawings or photographs of improvised chemical and biological munitions likely to be found in the United States.
INCIDENTS: Extensive data on approximately 400 incidents involving chemical or biological extremists.
GROUPS: Organizational and capability data on all groups known or suspected to be involved with C/B agents or munitions.
PEOPLE: Biographical data on selected individuals.
FACILITIES: Background data on U.S. facilities or locations where chemical or biological agents and weapons are stored or believed to be dumped.

CABO-ES has all the standard features found in CABO including:

  • User addressable Field Note section in each record
  • Extensive Help section
  • Detailed documentation
  • Huge Glossary of technical terms
  • Standardized information display format
  • Extensive inter-module data linkage

CABO-ES will run on any computer system that uses Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT operating systems. CABO-ES can also be configured to run on most computers which use the UNIX family of operating systems.

CABO-ES is updated quarterly.

CABO-ES is available for delivery NOW!

Call, fax or e-mail PSG for more information on CABO-ES.

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