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Chemical and Biological Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and Incident Response Experience

PSG has performed thousands of hours of research and analysis directly related to chemical and biological terrorism. This research facilitated the development of our state of the art Incident Analysis Tools. PSG's work in CB terrorism supports our CABO databases, analytical reports, specialty briefings and training courses.

Assessments regarding observed and potential adversaries

  • Identification and definition of adversary types
  • Motivations and goals
  • Attributes critical to success

Assessments regarding the characteristics of chemical and biological terrorist incidents

  • Identification of all prior C/B incidents
  • Targeting and venues
  • Agents and dispersal techniques
  • Relation of outcome to other factors
  • Methodology for casualty estimation
  • Psychological consequences

Assessments regarding agents and dispersal techniques

  • Agents employed, developed, or cited in related literature
  • Agent and munition procurement routes employed or available
  • Delivery systems employed, cited, or available
  • Delivery system employment tactics
  • Methodology for determining effected area for various agent volumes and dissemination techniques

Assessments regarding preemptive actions to C/B terrorism

  • Characteristics of a small scale production/storage facility
  • Possible target environments
  • Possible raid environments
  • Potential effects of a raid
  • Advance planning considerations
  • Raid/response team composition

Assessments and other activities involving incident response

  • Probable participants
  • Essential elements of information
  • Preliminary actions required
  • Adversary, agents, delivery, effects modeling

Personnel and technical security procedures devised to minimize vulnerability to C/B terrorism

  • Target study methodology
  • Intelligence requirements, collection opportunities, relevant estimates and their application
  • Technical countermeasures
  • Protective detail procedures
  • Personal security procedures

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