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Weaponization of Chemical and Biological Agents - Government Course

This five day seminar on the chemical and biological weapons was designed to meet the specific needs of U.S. Government personnel who require a detailed knowledge of chemical and biological munitions.

The proliferation of chemical and biological weapons is one of the major issues of our time. Unfortunately, few people have the necessary understanding of these weapons to properly evaluate available information and make cogent recommendations. This course will provide the participant with a detailed understanding of the factors that influence weaponization decisions, dissemination options and munitions concepts. The course will highlight Russian, Iraqi and U.S. munitions.

This course is intended for the following categories of U.S. Government CB professionals. Intelligence collectors, Analysts and Managers, Research and Development Engineers and Scientists, Incident Response Personnel, CBW/EOD Specialists and Trainers.

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Weaponization of Chemical & Biological Agents - Government Curriculum
Topic Outline

C/B Agents & Employment Considerations

Characteristics of the Threat

  • Elements of a Capability
  • Threats - Foreign & Domestic

Agents and Related Factors Which Affect Dissemination

  • Proven Agents (review)
  • Infectivity/Toxicity
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Unitary & Binary Approaches
  • Stability in Storage & Transportation
  • Mechanical Stability During Dissemination
  • Dissemination Efficiency
  • Aerosol Decay Rate

Dissemination Techniques

  • Aerosols - Generation Techniques
  • Contaminated Projectiles
  • Contaminated Consumables
  • Animal Vectors
  • Ground Contamination
  • Contaminated Non-consumables

Employment Concepts

  • Target Categories
  • Potential Objectives
  • Target Characteristics
  • Routes of Exposure
  • Attack Options
  • Methods of Employment


C/B Munitions & Delivery Systems

Aircraft Systems

  • Unitary & Binary Bombs
  • Submunitions, Clusters & Dispensers
  • Gun Systems
  • Rocket & Missile Warheads
  • Spray Tanks
  • Novel Munition Concepts

Artillery Systems

  • Bursting Projectiles
  • Submunition Projectiles
  • Contaminated Flechettes, Shrapnel & Fragments

Infantry & Special Ops Munitions

  • Small Arms & Projectiles
  • Grenades
  • Portable Generators & Dispersers
  • Ground Contamination Devices
  • Water Contamination Devices
  • Arthropod Vector Devices
  • Novel Munitions & Delivery Systems

Surface to Surface Rockets & Guided Missiles

  • Bursting Warheads
  • Submunition Systems
  • Spray Systems
  • Special Considerations Affecting Warhead Design

Submarine & Surface Ship Systems

  • On Board Spray Systems
  • Mines & Similar Devices

Balloon Delivery Systems

  • Submunition Systems

Improvised Munitions

  • Explosive Devices
  • Spray Devices
  • Impact Scatter Devices

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